Flat Roof Insulation

Flat roof insulation is becoming increasingly popular for domestic and commercial buildings, due to its cost-efficiency, ease of installation and value for money. Flat roof insulation is a great way to reduce your energy costs and improve the efficiency of your building.
At H&B Roofing & Property Maintenance, we have extensive experience in the installation of flat roof insulation. Our team of experts are highly trained and qualified in all aspects of insulation installation, and have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the various types of insulation available and the best methods for installation.

Flat roof insulation is typically made up of multiple layers that keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

When installing flat roof insulation, we use a variety of materials and techniques, depending on the type of flat roof and the area to be insulated. We may use mineral wool, foam board or spray foam to insulate a flat roof, depending on the budget and insulation requirements.

When installing mineral wool, we use a combination of blanket and rigid board to ensure the best results in terms of insulation, airtightness and soundproofing. This type of insulation is particularly effective in areas with high humidity levels, as it is highly resistant to moisture.

Foam board insulation is another popular choice. It is very lightweight and easy to install, and provides excellent insulation values. It is also highly resistant to moisture and ageing, making it a great choice for flat roofs in humid climates.
Spray foam insulation is a great choice if you are looking for an airtight installation. This type of insulation is injected into the flat roof, and expands to fill any cracks or gaps, providing an even and effective insulation layer.
At H&B Roofing & Property Maintenance, we are always looking for ways to provide our customers with the best possible insulation solution for their flat roof. We take the time to understand our customers’ needs, and provide a tailored solution that meets their budget and insulation requirements.
We are proud of our commitment to providing high quality insulation installation services, and we are always happy to answer any questions you may have about flat roof insulation.