Industrial Roof Installation

Installing an industrial roof can be a daunting task but it is important to make sure the job is done correctly. At H&B Roofing & Property Maintenance, we have years of experience installing industrial roofs and understand the complexities involved.
Industrial roofs are usually large and require specialized equipment, not to mention a great deal of know-how. To begin, we assess the size and scope of the job, then determine the best material for the job. We take into consideration size, weight, and type of material. We also consider the location of the roof, ensuring that it meets all local zoning codes.

Industrial roof installation usually involves using heavy duty materials, as they can withstand harsh weather conditions.

After the materials are chosen, we begin the installation process. First, we remove old roofing material, if necessary, and prepare the surface for the new roof. We then lay down the underlayment and begin securing the roofing material in place. Our crew works to make sure the roof is properly sealed and secured. We also make sure to inspect the roof afterwards to make sure everything looks right.

At H&B Roofing & Property Maintenance, we take a great deal of pride in our industrial roof installation services. We understand that you need a roof that will last for years, so we make sure that the job is done right. We use the highest quality materials and work diligently to make sure the roof is properly installed and meets all safety standards. Our team is experienced and knowledgeable, and we strive to provide you with the best possible service.